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The Platinum Pass


(valued at $3,240)

The Platinum Pass gives you easy access to everything you get with the Gold Pass plus life changing one-on-one private sessions with Sally!

Here’s what you get with the Platinum Pass:


Customized-for-You Personal Healing and Guidance Sessions


($1500 value)

This is the first time I’ve offered One-on-One, Customized-for-You Healing and Guidance Sessions! (Limited to 10 Available Openings)


This life-changing series of sessions will ignite healing from the cells in your body to the depths of your soul. Medical Intuitive, Master Sound Healer, and Visionary Coach, Sally Page created this package for those who seek deep healing and life-changing transformation.


Sally’s crystalline light healing activates multidimensional healing at all levels, physical, emotional, consciousness, DNA, and soul.


If you suffer from old patterns that keep you feeling stuck or limited whether they are physical, emotional or conscious your transformation begins now.


When you make this commitment, together we will ignite powerful personal growth, spiritual healing and conscious alignment with the light of your soul.


Is your inner wisdom is calling you to heal what has been keeping stuck, move past the limits of your wounding, fear, and trauma? If you are ready for healing that supports your divine expansion. Then this options is for you!


Clearing Resistance Creating Abundance (Value $97)


Are you struggling to find the abundance that you desire in your life or your finances?

This Light Language Activation offers a quantum energy shift to ignite the release of fear, limitation, and any resistance that can keep you from creating the life you desire.


These sounds ignite heart opening codes activating a flow of love that supports powerful creations that are inspired by loving intention.


Archangel Metatron was very present in this transmission and offers the sacred geometry image of the Metatron cube that is in the product image.


Light Language works dynamically to activate evolutionary codes of multidimensional light, sacred geometry, and healing within your consciousness, cells, DNA, and soul.


It will assist you in feeling more balance, ease and grace as you experience transformation in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies. The multidimensional impact of Light Language deepens each time you listen. DO NOT USE WHEN DRIVING!


Sacred Feminine Drawing Meditation


Connect with Your Inner Feminine Creativity ($97 value)

Tap the Sacred Feminine through the Art of Drawing:


▪ Be guided on a Meditation journey that will help you reignite your ability to allow and receive

▪ Focus on the sacred symbol that connects you with quality of wholeness and the infinite nature of energy


Ignite Your Sacred Feminine Wisdom


Online Class Begins January 15, 2018 ($297 value)

A 6 Week Sacred Journey

This class will take you on a sacred journey to restore profound inner knowing of faith, belief, and trust in your Sacred Feminine wisdom. Your awareness will broaden as you discover a new sense of your interconnection with the sacredness of all life.


Learn to move beyond your fears that keep you limited, when you feel like part of you is holding back, or minimizing the expression of your inner intuitive calling.


6 Guided Inner Meditation Journeys – Experience profound states of meditative alchemy that will touch your soul!


6 Light Language Soul Code Activations – These powerful activations will ignite your inner awakening. As you receive the profound love of the Sacred Feminine, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies will be transformed.


6 Journaling Guides – Open your heart and soul to this flow allowing new awareness to be revealed that will assist you in realizing your inner truth.


3 Reflective Questionnaires – The reflective questions are designed to take you deeper into inner discovery of your sacred Divine Feminine wisdom.


3 Wisdom Circles – Share your inspirations and insights in a safe environment with of a wise, compassionate, nurturing community.


This Master Class for Lightworkers will help you learn about the Company of Heaven and your part of the Cosmic Plan.


The Company of Heaven and YOU!


($497 Value)

This Master Class for Lightworkers will help you learn about the Company of Heaven and your part of the Cosmic Plan.
As you align with the Hierarchy of Heaven your life not only becomes easier, but you will start to feel deeply loved and free.


In this online independent study you will:

  • Become intimate with your Divine Self
  • Meet the Ascended Masters, the Archangels & the Elohim, and begin having relationships with them
  • Learn more about the Violet Flame and how to use it in your everyday life
  • Deepen your spiritual practice and connection to the Divine through active meditation
  • Receive the gift of prayer


Jennifer Ruth Russell is the Creator of Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.


The Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group


($1500 value)

The Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group is the perfect complement to my one-to-one program and it is included with the Platinum Pass.


You’ll connect with a wonderful community of truth-seekers and light-bringers. We will work as a group to uplift and encourage each other to remain on our unique paths of growth and enlightenment.


My clients that go through phenomenal life changing growth work with me on a consistent basis, for an extended period, that allows them to make deep, lasting life changes.


Their secret is simple: they receive my consistent and ongoing support to stay on the path of love and light.


Here’s a quick summary of all the features you’ll get when you join:

  1. Two monthly LIVE sessions with me over video conferencing.
  2. Replays of the live sessions that you can access 24/7.
  3. One monthly energy reading where I share guidance from the higher realms.
  4. One monthly Light Language Activation to help you integrate as you move upwards in your soul’s ascension.

The PLATINUM Pass Summary:


Unlimited lifetime access to the Interview Series to enrich your learning
✓ Transcripts of each speaker’s interview for your reading enjoyment
✓ Membership area with easy access all in one place
✓ Listen live-online to interviews
✓ Interview listings with Speaker Information
✓ Free Gifts from each speaker throughout the 7 days
✓ 6 Days of Power Light Language Activations
✓ Clearing Resistance & Creating Abundance Light Language Activation
✓ Sacred Feminine Drawing Meditation
✓ Ignite Your Sacred Feminine Wisdom 6 Week Online Class
✓ The Company of Heaven & You Master Class for Lightworkers
✓ Customized-for-You Personal Healing and Guidance Sessions
✓ The Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group

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Embracing the Extraordinary Grace of Your Divine Mother

Telesummit Platinum Pass

This powerful lesson of Divine Grace can heal and transform your heart with enlightened love from the heart of Divine Mother God. Begin to meet your greatest challenges with wisdom, faith, and love!




Light Alchemy Sound Healing Series


The Alchemy of Light series with three sound healing sessions. Each recording contains powerful frequencies of Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls that penetrate to the cellular level relaxing, releasing, clearing, and transforming your energy and vibration.


Many people experience energy shifts in their body just by playing the recordings. You can focus these frequencies on your body by holding small speakers where it feels good to you. These powerful sounds and vibrations will take you into deep states of expanded consciousness. DO NOT play these recordings while you drive!


Clear Energy (Alchemy of Light I)  This session offers vibrations of light transmitted within sound that transmutes and transforms dark energy into light. The sounds will align lower frequencies of dark or heavy energy/entities by bringing them into harmony with higher frequencies of light. This will shift the energies into states of balance and harmony within your body and environmental space.


Crystalline Light (Alchemy of Light II)  This session offers vibrations of light transmitted within sound that soothes and opens you to a state of altered consciousness. These peaceful sounds calm your mind, body, and nervous system bringing relaxation that allows crystalline light to ignite greater alignment with Divine Light.


Divine Love (Alchemy of Light III) This session offers vibrations of Divine love transmitted within sounds that create a profound shift deep in your heart. Experience Divine Love–a comforting feeling like being rocked in loving arms. With each listening, you open to a deeper experience and alignment with Divine Love.


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