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Do you seek greater inner awareness and intuitive guidance? 

Your body reflects your life experiences and offers profound awareness for healing and inner guidance.

Intuitive awareness connects with every part of your body and offers wisdom to those who are willing to listen to the body’s inner clues.

Learn how to access profound heart wisdom that reveals deep inner truth!

Discover heart-centered guidance to Navigate life with the highest good for all.

Develop your Superpower of Love as you deepen your intuitive heart. 

Self-love and trust grow as you honor the body’s sacred wisdom and awareness.

Enable your inner awareness with guidance that transforms your inner game with your heart’s wisdom.

Learn to access a deep understanding of your heart’s connection to others and use that guidance to transform relationships.

This workshop will empower greater intuitive clarity for:

• Making decisions with a greater inner knowing and confidence
• Discovering heart guidance to handle difficult situations in a graceful way
• Learning to tune in to a bigger picture to find better solutions for everyone
• Experiencing ever more profound levels of heart coherence through guided meditation

In this workshop, you will learn powerful processes to know and trust your intuitive inner guidance that brings more balance and harmony to your life.

Use the five elements of Chinese Medicine with Mind Mapping and Heart Mapping to reveal guidance for living and powerful heart-knowing.

The monkey mind can get in the way of higher wisdom. The heart offers wise solutions beyond what the mind perceives. 

You will be given access to PDFs for Heart Mapping, Mind Mapping, and Body Mapping to print out and use for the class.

The PDFs are tools to print and use again, making it easy for you to go deep with this practice.

This workshop will empower the continued growth of your intuitive inner knowing.

Friday, October 21, 2021

9 am-11:30am PT | 12 Pm-3:30pm ET | 5pm-7:30pm BST

Workshop cost $81

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