Product Details:

● 2 acrylic strikers designed to facilitate pure crystalline sounds
● 1 acrylic base to set it on
● 1 carrying case
● Height 21 inches (53cm)
● Weight less than 4.4 pounds

Cost $2,000.00 + Shipping

Products for Healing

Create balance & harmony in your life with Sacred Feminine Wisdom


  • Experience the loving sacred creative womb of the Divine Mother
  • Rebirth your sacred feminine wisdom through the Divine Mothers Womb
  • Embrace the sacred power of your womb to birth your creations


Ignite Your Sacred Creative Trinity


  • Heal the Divine Feminine heart & ignite your creative trinity
  • Merge your loving heart with the creative power of your womb
  • Empower your voice with the sacred heart womb creative wisdom

Double exposure of young woman  practicing yoga in nature
Products for Healing

Live your inner truth with emerging sacred wisdom


  • Empower yourself with the gifts of Sacred Feminine Wisdom
  • Claim Your Freedom, assert your authentic intuitive wisdom
  • Live fully and thrive with Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Your life will transform as you –


  • Enrich your life by activating the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
  • Ignite the love you feel and express to yourself and others
  • Expand the powerful unifying love within your heart and your life
  • Empower your awareness by feeling and experiencing sacred wisdom

Products for Healing

Course Details


This 6 week class will take you on a sacred journey to restore profound inner knowing of faith, belief, and trust in your Sacred Feminine wisdom. Your awareness will broaden as you discover a new sense of your interconnection with the sacredness of all life.

Be empowered with loving unity of your inner truth. Blossom with Sacred Feminine wisdom and freely express it in life-changing ways!

6 Guided Inner Journeys

Experience profound states of meditative alchemy that will touch your soul!


The healing sounds will penetrate into your cells and your DNA. Your entire being will resonate with the alchemy of Divine Feminine awakening.


Your mind will reach a peaceful calm opening your inner awareness to higher states of consciousness to connect to the divine within. The guided


inner journey invites you to directly experience the extraordinary embrace of Divine Feminine Love. The light of your soul will ignite a metamorphosis of discovery, infusing you with the inner wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.

6 Light Language Soul Code Activations

Light Language supports you at the deepest levels by helping you bypass the ego mind, infusing light codes directly into your cells, your DNA, and your soul. It ignites profound healing and spiritual evolution.


These powerful activations will ignite your inner awakening to the profound love of the Sacred Feminine, transforming your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies.


Light Language will help you feel more balanced and energized. Each time you listen, you’ll receive a deeper infusion of more light and more love.

6 Journaling Guides

Writing prompts will inspire spiritual exploration to uncover what is waiting to be awakened within you. Open your heart and soul to this flow allowing new awareness to be revealed that will assist you in realizing your inner truth.

You will immerse yourself with each of the following topics for two weeks.

Using these tools, you will develop your sacred awareness of Divine Feminine wisdom. It will guide your way to balance with the Divine Masculine energy and structures of life.

3 Reflective Questionnaires

The reflective questions are designed to take you deeper into inner discovery of your sacred Divine Feminine wisdom. What did your Guided Inner Journey, Light Language Soul Code Activations, and your Journaling processes bring up for you? This is an important way to have your personal questions answered and get the support you need.


Sally will address your questions and offer light during the Wisdom Circle.

3 Wisdom Circles

Lessons, Reading, and Channeling, are created to address the needs that I observe on each participant’s reflective questionnaire.


All Wisdom Circles are recorded and available for your replay access.


Connect heart to heart in a loving supportive community where you can freely express your sacred inner truth. Share your inspirations and insights in a safe environment with of a wise, compassionate, nurturing community.


Each topic is the foundation for the next one. Two weeks on one topic gives you time get familiar with new concepts and anchor the change in your life.


The first week you will explore the material and begin to apply it in your life. Give yourself space to discover new awareness within.


The second week you will go deeper with your transformation and notice what is working well and where there is resistance.

Sacred wisdom is waiting to transform your life….


It is time to restore that which is sacred. It is time to find the wisdom that has been lost. It is time to embrace yourself and all of life with the sacred power of Divine Feminine love.

Spiritual Seeker Meditating High On Mountain Top At Sunset

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