Livestream Sign-up – Thank You!

Dear Ascending Master,

Congratulations! I celebrate your commitment to a level of self transformation that will change the world!

I am so excited to share the Divine Alchemy Experience with you! I am truly grateful for you and I honor your personal path of Divine DIscovery!

The button below is a downloadable thank you bonus called “Creating Sacred Space. It is my gift to you for signing up for this live stream event. This helpful information will support your spiritual practice of meditation, prayer, Divine Alchemy and ceremony.

I Invite you to use this information to set a sacred space before you join us on live stream. You will get so much more from the experience if you are able to be in a quiet place where you will not be interupted. I also invite you to turn off your phone for this very sacred experience.

With a grateful heart I thank you!


Sally Page

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