Ignite the Light of Your Divine Mastery!

It’s time to awaken the desire deep within your soul to reach beyond your limits and hesitations to step into your true life’s purpose and destiny.

Imagine the caterpillar building a chrysalis and then dissolving its form into the chaotic, messy substance that allows for it to transform into a beautiful butterfly.

Now is the time for you to go deep into the cocoon of your sacred heart and consciousness and allow the breaking down of the old structures, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions, about who and what you are. It is time to break these down because something new and very beautiful is forming and evolving within you!

On a collective level we are experiencing a metamorphosis of Divine love as we change from one evolutionary stage to another. As each of us awakens to infinite love within our sacred hearts, we ignite the wisdom of our souls to guide our way.

This love is powerful enough to expand our consciousness, which in turn invites us to new awareness, new capabilities and a new way of being despite the fears and obstacles that threaten to hold us in our negative patterns.

Your soul journey parallels nature … your inner transformation brings about profound transformation in the outer world.


Why is this time so critical for your spiritual growth? Because ultimately the most important thing you’ll ever do in your life is to awaken to your Divine soul purpose.

From this place you become an unlimited being, living a fulfilled life.

I’m here to not only help you awaken to the soul purpose locked within your sacred heart, but also to support you throughout the process of integrating your new spiritual skills and gifts into your everyday life.

Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to fall back into programs and patterns that are comfortable even when they do not serve us.


Through our work together you will:

• Move beyond your limits to experience more inspiration, meaning and fulfillment.
• Develop your heart and enable new depths of love, compassion, kindness and delight.
• Find your inner stillness.
• Learn to listen to the whispers of your heart.
• Discover more light, peace, love and joy inside of you and out in the world.
• Stay on your true path of Divine purpose and service.

Take a sacred journey with me and awaken your divinely bestowed gifts within your heart so you can experience new depths of love, consciousness and joy.

Peace, Love and harmony are truly within our reach and it begins within each of us. This is the new way of understanding ourselves and all of life.

Right now… you are a caterpillar that feels called to change from deep within, then sheds its skin to finally sprout your butterfly’s wings to bring about the transformation of a lifetime.

…you are feeling impatient, like you’ve been so ready for all of this blessed change for as long as you can remember.

We have not done this before.

Each of us is stepping up into a new spiritual realm of learning.

Like the butterfly, our transformation begin inside as we do our inner work of seeking the truth within our hearts.

Your metamorphoses of love and compassion will contribute to the new fabric of humanity that creates peace on earth.

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