Ignite the Extraordinary Love and Light of Your Divine Mastery!


Come with me on a sacred journey…


A gift from me to you…

I invite you to reach beyond your limits and hesitations so you can embrace the light of Divinity emerging within you.


Your divinely bestowed gifts are ready to blossom as you open yourself up to new depths of love, awakening higher consciousness and joy.


You have been waiting to freely express your inner light. The world needs what you have to offer from the depths of your being.

The time to shine your Divine Soul light is NOW!

Let me help you reconnect to your inner spark of Divine purpose.

Deep at the core of you is pure innocence and truth of your Divine essence. You are a spark of the Divine and are here for a specific and important purpose.

The 5-Day Self-Compassion Experience

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The Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group

Meet with me online two times per month to ignite the light of your sacred heart. Get my ongoing guidance and support as you walk your enlightened spiritual path.


Expand into spiritual realms of light, learning and Divine awareness.

Like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, our transformation begins inside as we do our inner work of seeking the truth within our hearts. Your metamorphoses of love and compassion will contribute to the new fabric of humanity that creates peace on earth.

Imagine the caterpillar building a chrysalis and then dissolving its form into the chaotic, messy substance that allows for it to transform into a beautiful butterfly.


” Sally has transformed my life! ” -Debbie M.

Break down what no longer works and break through to Divinity.

It’s time to dive deep into the cocoon of your sacred heart and consciousness. Allow the breaking down of old structures, perceptions, beliefs and assumptions about who and what you are. It’s time for the old paradigm to break down to create spaciousness for a breakthrough of something new and wonderful that is evolving within you!

Discover inner guidance from the infinite love within your sacred heart and light of your soul.

On a collective level, we are experiencing a metamorphosis of Divine love as we change from one evolutionary stage to another. Humanity is moving into a love-based awareness that opens new possibilities through the power of love. As infinite love awakens within your sacred heart, you ignite your soul’s wisdom to guide your way.

Don’t allow fear to shroud you in the illusion of obstacles that keep you from your own clarity and truth. Doing this holds you in negative patterns that keep you from your highest purpose and greatest joy. Choose to flow with the cosmic energy flooding our planet and transform fear into a powerful love. Open your awareness to the inner truth of divinity emerging within you.

We are Evolving into Enlightened Consciousness that loves and respects all of life.

This love is powerful enough to expand our consciousness, which in turn invites us to greater enlightened awareness, new capabilities and new ways of being. We are evolving into expanded Divine consciousness that lovingly embraces the infinite spirit within us and all of life with the oneness of unconditional love.

Right now you are a caterpillar that feels called to change from deep within, shed its skin, and sprouts your butterfly’s wings to bring about the transformation of a lifetime.


…you are feeling impatient like you’ve been so ready for all of this blessed change for as long as you can remember.

As you transform, you become the blessing that shines the light of peace, love and harmony out into the world. Cosmic shifts have opened the door for a new paradigm of Peace, Love, and Harmony. This new way of being is truly within your reach, and it begins by making changes within.


As you surrender to the truth of your infinite spirit, you claim your sovereign freedom and power to create your heaven on earth.

We stand on the threshold of The Golden Age of Peace, Freedom, and Miracles. The loving wisdom of the Divine Mother is emerging to ignite spiritual balance with the Divine Father power. When masculine power is not in equilibrium with the feminine it creates fear, control and suppression. As the divine feminine love and wisdom is empowered with spiritual equality it will restore balance, harmony, equality, and respect between the divine feminine and divine masculine.

As the Divine Feminine blossoms in spirituality, it will bring about a loving coherent heart consciousness that creates freedom, peace, and compassion for all. Your soul has waited for this moment for eons of time. We have arrived at a profound cosmic moment of choice, and here it is.

What will you do in this moment of divine opportunity?

This is your time to take action!


The extensive process of healing and transformation occurs as we seek the truth within.


If you desire to bring more vitality and radiance to your body, heart and soul, my courses can support your powerful path of profound inner divine discovery and healing.

Meet with me and I will assist you on your divine path….


Let’s Begin A New Chapter in Your Spiritual Journey.

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