This is the moment that you have been waiting for…

The light of your soul and the wisdom of your cosmic sacred heart are ready to ignite with Divine Mastery. It is time to claim the full presence of your divinity and open your heart fully to Divine love.

Now is the time for humanity’s evolutionary process of change,  the ascension energies of the astronomical alignments will continue to bring in ever increasing levels of light. Change can also bring the experience of chaos if you are not aligned and prepared for the new energy. High levels of light are flowing into humanity and the planet to provide support for your transformation. This is the ultimate journey your soul has waited many lifetimes for as we prepare for your metamorphosis.

This metamorphosis does not just happen; we must do this work for ourselves. This transformation is our path of growth into mastery, and it requires us to heal lifetimes of traumas and wounds that are held in our physical form. It takes commitment to change your habits and devote your energy to this divine effort. Your journey is blessed with tremendous support from the light realms as they guide you with love.

We have arrived at a profound cosmic moment.  We stand on the threshold of The Golden Age of Peace, Freedom and Miracles that your soul has waited eons for.  The choice is yours.  What will you do in this moment of divine opportunity? This is the time to take action!

Your Divine Alchemy program will expand your conscious mind with divine illumination. As you make this commitment to develop a relationship with your divine inner presence, you move up the spiral of evolution into wholeness. This transformation requires time, dedication and effort on your part.

You will experience profound growth as you invite divine guidance that supports and nurtures you during challenging situations. You will open to a greater awareness of how divinely supported you are in every moment. You don’t walk this path of growth alone.

As you practice Divine Alchemy, you are connected with multidimensional beings of light, angels, and ascended masters.

MODULE 1: -“The Metamorphosis of Illumined Love of Your Sacred Heart.”

Develop your heart-centered relationship with the divine, so love and wisdom can pour through your sacred heart. As your consciousness increases, it will take your creative efforts to a new level. The more you open to divine love, the more powerful your creation. This module gets you ready to expand your heart wisdom to guide your path of light.

MODULE 2: Become the Soul Light of Your Presence

Invite the Light of your soul into your conscious awareness to become fully present. In past lifetimes, we chose to separate from the divine within, and now it is time to heal this separation.  This requires consistent practice.

MODULE 3: Let Rainbow Light Restore Wholeness

Discover the wholeness and oneness that exist in every moment of life. Learn powerful processes to release the old structures and beliefs that no longer work. Expand your perception to new awareness and interconnection.

MODULE 4: Create a New Reality with the Foundation of Divine Love Mastery

Open your conscious connection with beings of light: angels and ascended masters are helping humanity and guiding their way through this metamorphosis. As we transform into our crystalline light, the door opens to the sacred path of ascension. It is available in this lifetime – ending the cycle of pain and suffering.


This 4-month program offers weekly activities that will activate your training to become the Master within. This program supports and nurtures your path of Divine Mastery with the following features:

A Private Membership Site – All of your program resources are organized and available in one place. You will have access to the program calendar that lists your upcoming activities, so you can sync up your personal schedule and be available for live webinars.  Webinar replays will be available.

Four 60 minute Personal Sessions with Sally Page – Your sessions will help you reach a whole new level of you! Sally uses many techniques and healing methods to help you achieve health, vitality, spiritual awakening and wholeness:

  • BodyTalk WholeHealthcare™ is an astonishingly efficient system that finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing your unique life story.
  • Light Language channels Dynamic Activation of Healing and Ascension Codes. This powerful multidimensional energy speaks to the soul through the language of light, bringing healing changes from the soul level.
  • Avesa Quantum Healing™ is an ancient mystical modality of spiritual empowerment and soul alignment. It calls forth your soul purpose for your most abundant life and reveals divine wisdom and clarity.
  • Singing Bowls create waves of healing frequencies that dissolve stress, bringing you greater peace and clarity. The soothing sound can reach the depths of your soul giving you profound healing results!

IN OFFICE sessions can be done if you are near the Saratoga, San Jose or San Francisco Bay areas in California.

DISTANCE SESSIONS are available via Zoom offering internet video and audio options for those who live outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

In these sessions, we will co-create powerful healing that nurture and support your deep process of transformation. We will address your personal needs as you develop your spiritual relationship at ever increasing levels.

8-Training SessionsEach lesson is carefully selected to support your foundation for the Divine Alchemy of Mastery. The 4 topics above will be the focus of the training each month. The lessons will consist of teaching and alchemy practices that will lift your frequency out of the chaos and support your spiritual connection with your higher self.

4 Live Webinars –  (1  per month) Webinars will address the dynamic needs of the group, offering combinations of Singing Bowl Meditations or Group Healing.  With every webinar, there will be Q&A time with Sally.

4 Light Language Activations – (1 per month)  Light Language will activate quantum light healing with multi-dimensional light codes at the soul level. Vibrational shifts bypass the mind, so that magic starts to happen. The subtle shifts cause conscious growth, physical healing, and evolutionarily soul activations.

7 – Daily Invocations – (1 for each day of the week) Every time you use an invocation, you add to your field of light. Over time, your field of light becomes much stronger and brighter. The invocations will lift you into higher consciousness as they bring healing, growth, and alignment into your life with the cosmic energy of the day.

Private Facebook community Circle of Light – Welcome to your highly conscious family of light available in an online community. We create and join in circles of divine intention, and through this group, each member can continually energize their field of light.

Divine Alchemy will ignite the Master Within. It’s like getting an MBA to support your  Mastery Training and education.

This is the moment that you have waited lifetimes for! Don’t let this opportunity for incredible growth in a community of light leaders pass you by.

Join Sally for this light-filled and soul moving experience.

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