Creating sacred space anchors the intention of what you are choosing to manifest with prayer, meditation and ceremony. It is an invitation for the divine presence to bring forth the greatest good through what you are about to create.

What we call “negative energy” is energy that is lacking love. We have concepts of evil that give our power away to thoughts and emotions that do not serve us or help us connect with higher levels of light and love.

We are powerful creators and fear is a diversion that takes us away from that power of love.

When you go into a dark room and turn on the light the darkness is simply gone. The more divine light that you invite within and around you, the less darkness is an issue. It is like washing your hands before you eat or prepare food. To replenish yourself you want to be clean, pure and ready to receive nourishment.

This is true for your spiritual practice as well; when we are preparing for that which is sacred, that which nourishes the soul, we want to bring as much love and light into the space as possible.


Clearing space with sound is a wonderful way to clear your space. You can purchase affordable tools like tuning forks, bells, tingshas, chimes, singing bowls and rattles. You can even use your own voice to call upon Archangel Michael and his powerful blue flame angels to come, clear your space and protect its sacred light for your meditation, ceremony or spiritual work.


Light a candle or incense to invite in the divine. Many people choose the color of the candle to match their intent. For example, white is often used to represent purity. Aromatherapy candles have scents that bring intention with their use. Shop around and follow your inner inspiration!


Represents flow, emotion and memories. It carries the records of our planet.

Select pure clean spring water or the best that you can find. Hold your hand over it and do a prayer or invocation that carries your intent, and then drink it to infuse that energy and intention within you.

You can also add a drop of essential oil (make sure they are safe for ingestion), flower essence or monoatomics. Fresh edible herbs, or flowers, can also be used to infuse your water.

Some people will put stones or crystals in water overnight (first make sure these are safe for ingestion).

Energy devices, such as sacred geometry tools, can be used. There are also types of light that can be used to clear energy or add intention.


The pure fresh air of nature is always best. You can also infuse essential oils. Use fresh cut flowers or herbs.

There are many online resources to inform you about the conscious intent that each item will bring in.

Earth (Stones, Crystals and Precious Metals)

These elements of earth are living, conscious ascended light beings that are on earth to radiate their love and light to us.

They are connected to each other and all of life. Earth elements support our ascension and evolution with their network through the earth that sends us loving rays of crystalline light.

• East: New beginnings, the rising sun; knowledge growth and communication
• South: The warmth of the passionate heart and loving home
• West: The flowing of water; the mystery of hidden power
• North: Strong, stable foundation for Creativity and Fertility

Honoring the sacredness of all life

Indigenous people hold the wisdom of honoring, and seeking permission and blessing from the ancestors to hold a ceremony or to do spiritually.

It is traditional to visit the chief, shaman or medicine man before a ceremony, or creating a business or building a home. This is about choosing to live in harmony with nature, with others and within yourself.

We can incorporate these concepts by honoring the four directions and unconditional loving support that we have from our planet.

Through acknowledging our recognition of the sacredness of all life, human and beyond, we ignite our soul growth and connection to spirit.

Honor the creator, great spirit

We receive powerful energy when we unite in harmony with the forces of nature and all of life.

This brings new levels of blessing into our spiritual practice as we honor the sacredness of life.

We can do this by simply holding up our hands and facing each direction and saying:

“East, I honor you,” then turn towards the direction of South.

“South,  I honor you,” then turn towards the direction of West.

“West, I honor you,” then turn towards the direction of North.

“North,  I honor you,” then touch the earth with your hands and say,

“Mother Earth I honor you.”

Hold your hands up to the sky and say, “Father Sky I honor you.”

Open your arms wide and say, “Creator I honor you!”

This may seem silly or too simple, but I ask you to try it and watch how harmony and balance flow abundantly into your life in new ways!

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