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Sally Page is a New Earth Visionary, Sound Healer, Coach and Medical Intuitive. She has been working at the cutting edge of the transformational healing movement for the past 14 years. Many consider Sally the healer’s healer.


Sally’s healing techniques are gentle and profoundly restorative. She believes that spiritual growth can be powerful and graceful––transformation doesn’t need to be difficult, painful and traumatizing.


Her passion is to awaken her clients to their authentic heart truth and help them radiate their soul light in the world.

About Sally

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Sally’s transformational healing work helps her clients increase their heart capacity for compassion and unconditional love. They testify that through her programs, courses and healing modalities, their conscious awareness expands and spiritual awakening blossoms with ease and grace. Anyone who works with Sally for extended periods of time experiences life-changing results because they come into greater alignment with their soul purpose.

Sally’s mission is to nourish hearts, minds, and souls so she can help others awaken to their loving-kindness and be free to create peace on Earth.