Awaken Your Sacred Womb to Create Heaven on Earth!

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With Ascended Masters Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, and Quan Yin.

The Challenge begins January 25 – 29, 2021
Each day 4 pm PDT; 7 pm EDT; noon BST (London)


Day 1 Release Negativity Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

You will need a white candle, journal, and a willing heart.
You are clearing your three creative centers with the Violet Flame of Transformation! Release all that is not in your highest alignment as you prepare to move into higher levels of creative empowerment

“Every Quantum Leap in your spiritual evolution requires a next-level relinquishment of your attachment to suffering. You cannot experience heaven within you when you are gripping onto the hell of suffering.” Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code


Day 2 – Feel the Unconditional Love of Mother Mary

You will need a place where you will not be disturbed and feel safe to relax.
When you experience instability, upheaval, and uncertainty around you, it is an indicator that it is a time of change. When you invite Mother Mary into the heart of your prayers, she will guide you through any situation by giving you those subtle whispers and nudges that allow life to flow more freely and lets you let go of what no longer serves the truth of love within you.

Mother Mary is asking you to come to her for support when you feel overwhelmed and worried. Trust her to guide you through times of uncertainty with her unconditionally loving presence of peace. Mary invites you to take a quiet moment, find a place where you will not be disturbed, relax, and close your eyes. Breathe to your heart. Ask  Mother Mary to fill your heart with peace, let you feel the unconditional love that she has for you to help you surrender to the divine grace offered to you through her divine and loving presence.


Day 3 – Claim the Creative Power of Your Word with Hathor

Within every present moment, you have the power to speaks the words that project create your Heaven on Earth reality into a form allowing your higher self to guide you. Your speech incrementally aligns with a prosperity consciousness.

Your higher self’s voice will only speak words, which generate a continuous flow of abundance supporting you to live in your full authentic expression.

Tell the story everyday word for word about your successful Legacy of Love.  invite you to witness how all of creation will then imprint itself upon each syllable of your heart’s desire.” Kaia,  Hathor The Sophia code


Day 4 – Create with Diamond Light Clarity with Mary Magdalene

Empower your heart with the angelic radiance of diamond light clarity!
Purify and consecrate your heart to fully embody your Higher-Self’s and Diamond light. The Chalice of your heart-womb will fill with the brilliance of love and the healing power of your higher self.

“Love is the gateway to an endless universe where the light of a billion stars forever glows through one eternal spirit.” Tony Salerno, Magdalene Oracle


Day 5 – Light the Way to Create a Beautiful Reality with Quan Yin

You will need a glass of water to drink after blessing it.
“Look beyond what appears to be, guiding Grace, like a star in the sky, shows you the way to what is happening now I am the lantern dancer, lighting the way to A New Path, a new reality for you. Even when the moon is full, and you believe that you see all as it is, I know that there is something far more beautiful happening. Trust me, and I will show you.” Alana Fairchild, Wild Kuan Yin Oracle

Please join Sally Page for an extraordinary experience of claiming the creative power of your womb.

The World is shifting rapidly. Now is the time to look beyond what you see in the world around you. Humanity needs a higher vision of a world that honors life as sacred. Lives by the Golden Rule and embodies the sovereign freedom of the soul. Your creative heart-womb is needed to create a new reality where all life is blessed!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Completion Bonus<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Upon completing each of the 5 classes or replays and posting you response each day in Sacred Womb Revolution FacebookMembership Group you will receive powerful one-on-one session with Sally.
The session will speak to your soul igniting extensive transformational evolution. These powerful waves of transformational light codes will activate your:

• Deeper Spiritual Evolution
• Ascension codes
• 12 strand DNA transmutation
• Loving support with the ascended masters

Those who participate for all five days will receive a bonus of a powerful one on one Clarity & Activation Session with Sally. A $250 Value

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Participation Bonus <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A Guided Inner Peace Meditation! This is a quick and convenient way to shift your energy to a peaceful heart-centered focus. You will experience inner peace as your stress melts away your body, mind, and emotions relax into the soothing calm of the mediation.

At the end of the days you will receive an email to access your Participation Bonus

Replays will be available each day!

The Challenge begins January 25 – 29, 2021
Each day 4 pm PDT; 7 pm EDT; noon BST (London)

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