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The World is shifting rapidly. Now is the time to look beyond what you see in the world around you. Humanity needs a higher vision of a world that honors life as sacred. Lives by the Golden Rule and embodies the sovereign freedom of the soul. Your creative heart-womb is needed to create a new reality where all life is blessed!

I lovingly welcome you and celebrate the beautiful light of your soul!


Ignite the Loving Wisdom of the Sacred Divine Feminine to Create Heaven on Earth!


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Self Compassion Course!

Jumpstart your inner transformation through the power of compassion…


Everyone is made up of both masculine and feminine energies, and as you bring these energies into balance you restore equal value, dignity, respect and cooperation through love consciousness.


The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine find their true power through honoring, valuing, loving and respecting each other as equals and living in harmony with their heart and soul, while using their gifts to create balance.


Even their differences, when used in cooperation, will complement and unify with each, blending to counterbalance the other.


You cannot cut off or diminish half of who you are and find balance.


Your soul has been waiting to freely express the Divine Feminine light and to bring balance between masculine and feminine within your heart.

Your soul is ready for you to freely express your inner light. The world needs what you have to offer from the depths of your being.


You are an evolving soul ready to discover the inner truth of who you are and what you are. As you explore your self discovery, you will learn the skills of conscious creation that flow from a loving heart.


The time to shine your Divine Soul light is NOW!

Young woman standing on the field

Expand into spiritual realms of light, inner truth and Divine awareness.

Like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, our transformation begins inside as we do our inner work of seeking the truth within our hearts. Your metamorphoses of love and compassion will contribute to the new fabric of humanity that creates peace on earth.

Imagine the caterpillar building a chrysalis and then dissolving its form into the chaotic, messy substance that allows for it to transform into a beautiful butterfly.


The world needs your love, light and the exceptional gifts that only you have to give.

Deep at the core of you is the pure innocence and truth of your Divine essence.

I am here to help you reconnect to your inner spark of the Divine Feminine that is ready to bloom like a rose within your heart.

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Ignite Your Sacred Feminine Wisdom Course

Embark on a sacred journey to restore the profound inner knowing of faith, belief, and trust in your Sacred Feminine wisdom. Join me for my new heart-opening 6 week course.


The Ambassadors of Love & Light

Meet with me online two times per month to ignite the light of your sacred heart. Get my ongoing guidance and support as you walk your enlightened spiritual path.


The Divine Alchemy Program

The Divine Alchemy 4- month program will expand your conscious mind with divine illumination. The more you open to divine love, the more powerful your creation.


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Your soul has brought you here to discover the truth of the Divine Feminine that is surfacing now.


The Divine Feminine presence is emerging, transforming your inner spirit with powerful feminine perception and understanding that will bring healing, self-realization and balance to the world.

As the social and spiritual consciousness of the Divine Feminine grows, it will create a powerful shift that brings balance to the world, as both sexes come together in respectful balance and harmony.

Relationships will shift in dynamics as women embrace their Divine Feminine spirit and men rebalance their divine masculine spirit.


This shift will be a catalyst transforming competition to cooperation, aggression to peace making, control to sovereign freedom, judging to understanding, degrading to respecting, inequality to equality, submission to expression of inner truth.

It is your divine birthright to reclaim your divine sovereign power and the freedom to express the light of your heart and soul. Your inner light guides your way to divine inner wisdom from the source of creation.


It is time for all of us join together with loving hearts and compassionately embracing the intrinsic value of all people everywhere. 

The ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine Creator is known by many names, one is the Divine Sophia, another is Shakti.

Her loving light is emerging within humanity to restore balance, peace and harmony to a world in chaos. Sophia is the Holy Spirit, who shines her loving light into your heart, providing intuitive divine loving wisdom that allows your heart to lead your way.

Your soul has waited for this moment for eons of time. The gifts of your soul are ready to shine through you. This is a profound cosmic moment! You are valuable beyond measure! Your choices matter!

Close-up of feminine and masculine arms and crossed legs during meditation on river with sky background.

What will you do in this moment of divine opportunity?

This is your moment to make a real difference that matters, it is your time to take action!


The extensive process of healing and transformation occurs as we seek the truth within.


If you desire to bring more vitality and radiance to your body, heart and soul, my courses can support your powerful path of profound inner divine discovery and healing.

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